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The Courtyard Waiheke, Restaurant and Garden Bar



/Breakfast 9-12pm Saturday & Sunday
House granola, berries, apple, yoghurt
Chilli, potato, eggs, taco
Indo crumpet, banana maple, salted peanuts & cheese
Cauliflower rice nasi goreng, bean sprouts & fried egg
Smoked white fish, smashed peas, white sauce & poached egg
Butter, sage, fried eggs, charcuterie spread, 
sourdough toast, rocket & parmesan
Salad bowl, spiced tofu & corn, avocado, poached egg, halloumi & seeds
Baked eggs, tomato, white beans, feta, toast
Roasted Mushrooms, herbs, goats curd, bruschetta
Eggs & toast

Poached egg
Toast & spread
Avocado or banana toast


/Lunch 11 - 4

Poke bowl, tuna or spiced tofu
TCY cheese burger, bacon onion jam
Salad bowl, scrambled spiced tofu & corn, avocado,
poached egg, halloumi & seeds
Cauliflower rice nasi goreng, bean sprouts & fried egg
Poached chicken, yoghurt, celery, verde mayo, iceberg sandwich
Ham, pickles, swiss cheese, hot mustard sandwich
Avocado, verde mayo, cucumber, basil, sprouts sandwich
Available in lettuce cups for GF option

/Cheese & meat 12 - close
Manchego 3 month /8 Brie de meaux /8 Saint agur blue /8
Saucisson des pyrénées /14 Bresaola /14
Prosciutto di parma 14
Pork & pistachio terrine /14
Duck & chicken terrine /14
Raw beef, cured egg, parmesan cheese /16

Dinner 11 - 4 and 5 - 10
Raw fish, smoked tomato salsa, crostini /18
Croquettes, verde aoili /16
Roasted mushrooms, herbs, goats curd, bruschetta  /16
Pan roasted clams, chilli, herbs, garlic /16
Flat bread, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, tahini dressed salad /16
Zuchinni, mint, chilli, buffalo mozzarella, grapefruit, salad /16
NZ ribeye steak, broccolini /30
Roasted fish, celeriac 3ways /30
Roasted pork belly, apple radish slaw /30
Crumbed chicken, leaves, parmesan /27
Arrowhead calamari, ink, linguini /28
Prawn, angolotti, clams, parmesan sauce /28
Pumpkin ricotta tortellini, blackened pumpkin, burnt butter  /27
Ricotta gnocchi, italian sausage & porcini mushroom /27
All pastas are house made

Cheesy potato gratin /8
Steamed broccolini / 10
Fried cauliflower, parmesan, truffle /8
Lettuce, bacon, cheese, cured egg /8
Fennell, grapefruit, currants, parmesan salad /8

/Kids menu
Baked gnocchi, butter, cheese
Crumbed chicken, steamed veg
Beef rissole, cheese, sauce


Menus are subject to change, and seasonal specials are available weekly


Selection made fresh daily, ask us on the day